50k by Valentine's Day

50k by Valentine's Day

Invest in equality - donate today.

WE need £50,000 in just 10 days.

Our candidates need £50,000 by midnight on Valentine’s Day to design, print and deliver the WE manifesto.

£50k in 10 days.

WE know WE can do it with your help. Pledge today and show your love for equality in time for Valentine’s Day. 

WE need your help to compete with the established parties that have access to large corporate donors and spend hundreds of thousands on election 'gurus'. They have vast teams helping them get their message out. WE don’t.


Your money will help our candidates compete on a level playing field and tip the balance in favour of equality.

The other parties would prefer it if we packed up and went home. But we’re not going to. We are determined to work with them to achieve equality.

If we wait now, we'll be waiting for decades.

Show your love for equality by pledging your support before midnight on Valentine’s Day.


GOAL: £50,000.00

£52,560.00 raised